A Closer Look: Wiper Safety

One of the most important aspects of any cloth or disposable wiper is its safety when used around people and products.

How dangerous could a rag really be?

One of the hidden dangers of rental shop towels is that, despite being laundered, they tend to be full of chemical contaminants, metal shavings, cutting oil, acetone, and other byproducts that are harmful for skin and can be inadvertently ingested by workers. The leftover chemicals and oils can also cause streaks, smears, or even scratches on products.

Disposable wipers provide a solution to the dangerous problems of rags. With a fresh wiper for each job, there’s no harmful residue lurking in the fibers, and some wipers, such as Brawny® Industrial Flax Cloths, are sustainable and healthier for the environment as well.

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