Wipers & Waste

Disposable wipers – especially compared to rental shop towels – are uniquely suited to help a facility cut down on waste and support lean manufacturing goals.


Using disposable wipers instead of rental shop towels can help save money, resources, and environmental costs. Most laundry contracts guarantee a certain inventory level, meaning you get that delivery of, say, 2,000 shop towels per week – rain or shine. In a slow month, you get 2,000 per week; in a “boom” month – still: 2,000 towels per week. Along with the guaranteed delivery is guaranteed waste. Instead, disposable wipers can be delivered based on need: if you need 15 cases one week and 10 the next, that’s what you get. This prevents runout, surplus, and costly contracts.

Disposable wipers can also provide a solution for the inefficiencies of bulk, shredded clothing rags. Used by many manufacturers, these rags usually come in boxes weighing 25 or 50 pounds and are dispensed by the box or armful. Because these rags come in odd shapes and sizes, workers tend to search out the ones they like and leave others unused, and many rags end up scattered around the floor, turning into a source of clutter.

These problems largely go away with disposable wipers. Workers won’t have to spend time searching for the “good” ones, because all wipers are the same. When wipers are used up, they don’t become a source of clutter because they can be easily discarded.

Storage & Dispensing

Storing and dispensing wipers can also lead to a significant reduction in waste. Most rental towels are delivered into a central place where workers can come and take them in big bags or, at minimum, bundles of 25. This process can be inefficient for workers, who, in turn, try to prevent run-out by storing extra towels in their lockers or drawers.

Unlike rental towels, non-woven wipers often come in dispenser boxes or automated systems that can be placed anywhere and dispense one wiper at a time. No more walking to the other side of the plant to get rags, no more hoarding, and significantly less wasted time and resources.

Wipers are a great choice for waste-conscious and lean manufacturing, which seeks to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. Making the switch to disposable wipers can mean streamlined processes, reduced cost, and time better spent.

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