A Closer Look: Wiper Performance

When you’ve got a mess to clean, you need a wiper that’s going to perform. One of the many wiper attributes, absorption power can significantly impact the performance of a wiper.

A new rental towel can absorb oil and water (and a lot of it), but each time they’re laundered and processed, these rags lose absorbing fibers and stay loaded down with residual chemicals, oils, and contaminant. That means that each time a rental towel is processed, its performance decreases.

Old clothing rags can do their fair share of absorbing, especially if they are 100% cotton. More often than not, however, the cloth that comprises these rags includes polyester or other types of fibers that inhibit absorption. As they’re used and processed, clothing rags become laden with chemical residue as well.

Because disposable wipers come in many shapes and sizes, the type of wiper can be selected based on the type of job needing to be done, leading to optimal performance. Overall, these non-woven wipers do a consistent job of absorbing liquids, scrubbing grease, and cleaning tools

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